Sunday, 19 March 2017

The First Grammar Lesson with Montessori Grammar Farm

We have been on grammar study and I am very much thrilled to share our first grammar activities.  Montessori grammar is the best way to introduce grammar to young kids as it is taught in sensorial way.  There are many Montessori grammar activities – The farm game-grammar symbols for introducing the parts of sentence and grammar boxes - grammar cards for practice and analysis.

It’s best to introduce grammar after 6 or when the child has become a fluent reader.  My little one is 7+ and she is good at reading and writing. So, this is the time to introduce grammar.  In the first grammar week – we studied about articles, adjectives, and noun.

 When I started making our grammar farm, my littleone was curious and started asking me what it is.  When I told her about the grammar farm, she wanted to see some images in google. (Whenever she heard about something new, she used to see the related images in google).  “Wow, these are all beautiful. Amma, ours should be equally good. Ok?”

We began with a play.  I started telling,
“Go to the kitchen.”
“Go to the hall. “
“Take a pencil.”
“Bring me a Plate.”
“Go and touch your Dad.”
My little one happily ran here and there to follow what I said.
When I said, “Bring me------.” 
                       “Touch ---.”
                      “Go to ------.”  
She was confused, laughed and started asking me ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘whom’.
            “So, I need to say the names of persons, objects and places.  Don’t I? In grammar, these names are              called nouns.”

Then, I arranged the grammar farm and asked her to name whatever she found in our farm.

Then I introduced the ‘article’ which will always be associated with the noun – ‘an’, ‘a’, or ‘the’.
“Use ‘a ‘or ‘an’ to choose one among many and ‘the’ when there is only one.”  (I purposefully replaced the tractor by a bullock cart)

Then, we added adjectives to give more details to the noun.
 “Which rooster you like?”
“This one.”
“Which rooster?”
“This yellow rooster – the big Rooster.”
“Good.  That is adjective. Let us add some details to the noun to identify them easily.”

We are going to continue our grammar work and I will share it soon.