Tuesday, 7 March 2017

DIY Foam Pattern Blocks

Pattern blocks are the favorite math manipulative of every child. It helps to teach kids about shapes, patterns, fractions, Tessellations, and much more.  Moreover, it engages children for hours as a quite time activity.

Generally, pattern blocks are made out of plastic or wood. But, I made my pattern blocks using foam. All I needed were the templates, craft foam sheets and a pair of scissors.  It is very simple, cheap, and won’t make any noise while playing. Real pattern blocks come in standard colors – triangle-green, square-orange, rhombus-blue, thin rhombus-tan, trapezoid-red, and hexagon-yellow. As I didn’t have blue and tan, I used violet for rhombus and pink for thin rhombus.

You can download the pattern blocks templates from here and templates of pattern block mats from here

Here are some of the photos of my daughter’s creations.





We both made few tessellations..