Monday, 22 August 2016

Comic By Janani

Today I wanted to share a comic my little one created. In our childhood, my brother had a huge collection of ‘Rani comics’ and we would be fighting for it. Now, my little one has only two comic books in our story book collection but, wanted to make one on her own. 

She loves drawing and she wanted to make the comic based on a story that I narrated.  It was ‘Long Bony Finger’ by Gargi pant and you can read the story here.

This is what she made. I loved the way she created the characters and planned the frames. 

I read Mickael Corley's post on making comic strips and I loved it. So, I wanted to convert my little one’s work into comic strips. First, I began to ink her drawings and dialogues. When I started doing this, my little one’s enthusiasm grown and she included and redrew few more scenes. I created the border template in the strips, cut the frames from her comic and paste it in the template.  

My husband made this soft bound and labeled it. Her first comic is all ready!