Sunday, 7 August 2016

Fall in Love with Tie and Dye

It is all started in one fine evening - we tie-dyed some white fabrics and we had lot of great time together. It’s fun, easy, and the final outcome is fantabulous.   We started with acrylic paints and continued with artificial colors and natural colors.

Whatever is the dye - whether it is acrylic paints, natural colors or artificial colors, the first step is to prepare the fabric.  I cut an unused Dhoti into small squares and folded them.  Actually, creating different patterns depends on how the fabric is being folded. For different folding techniques check here.We can make stripes, bold concentric circles, spirals or something new. Yes, you don’t need to worry about the final pattern. However you fold, you’ll create something new, unique, and colorful patterns.  Excitement guaranteed.  

To Tie and dye with Acrylic paint:

1.      Fold the fabric according to your preference and tie it up using rubber bands or knots as shown. Wet the cloth and dilute the acrylic paints. The paint can be applied using a brush as we did or you can fill diluted paint in a squeeze bottle and apply it.  Let them set at least for half an hour and then remove the knots/rubber bands. Now you can wash the fabric and dry it.

                                                                           For Spiral Shapes

2.      This is acrylic paints sun prints.  Wet the fabric, paint it and place leaves, flowers or foam shapes, keys or stencils as shown and dry it completely in sun light. Kids will be surprised when they pull of the shapes.

To tie dye with natural colors:

I wanted to try some natural colors and I used turmeric power - definitely a foolproof one. Put a table spoon of turmeric powder and a tsp of salt in boiling water. Put the folded and tied fabric and switch off the flame.  Let it sit for couple of minutes and then wash the cloth and dry it.

I also boiled some onion skin and pink radish skin.  I used unfolded white cloths as  I just wanted to see the color it brings.  These are the results.

To tie dye with artificial colors:

Just like turmeric powder add a tbsp of dye powder and salt in the boiling water and then pour it on the tied fabric.  Let it sit for couple of minutes and then wash the cloth and dry it.

Acrylic tie dye is best for kids under 7 as the other 2 methods need boiling water. Tie dye is the craft that will never get old. Creating the unique patterns and colorful deigns is easy and I am sure your kids will enjoy a lot.