Saturday, 29 November 2014

Our Literacy Centre

Blending Letters

My little one learnt her phonics easily.  But, she suffered a little while blending the sounds to form a word.  Then, I found this ‘magic words’ trick to blend sounds. I wrote words using wax in white papers and the words cannot be seen initially.  Then I heated the papers against candle light one letter at a time.  Whenever the letter appears, my little one will tell the sound and continue blending them as the letters appear one by one. Instead of showing a full word, this trick really did a magic.

Reading practice is one of our daily routine and it will not continue for more than ten minutes.   But, those ten minutes will be in a way my little one likes it.  Moreover, finding ways to encourage phonics learning without worksheets is really challenging that too in a minimum budget.

Picture matching

It is very simple to play.  I cut pictures from old books; wrote words in a paper. I gave the paper and a bowlful of pictures to my little one.  She has to read the word, found the picture from the bowl and paste it under the word.

Missing letter puzzle:

Here is our missing letter- find the route puzzle.  My little one has to identify the correct way for the girl to reach her home.  At each point she has to identify the missing letter and choose the path accordingly.

Quill pen for writing practice

I asked her to write few words to identify her spelling skill. We used a quill pen for her writing practice. She took a pigeon’s feather from our feather collection and dipped it in the ink to write words.