Sunday, 2 November 2014

Nature walk - Nature's architects

We had a great week and I wanted to share some of our interesting findings during our nature walk.  We found a piece of bee hive.  We investigated the perfect hexagon shapes in the bee hive. It’s really amazing how these small bees built their house using beeswax and how they built theses perfect hexagon shapes. 

I drew the beehive using rangoli powder and my little one’s attempt to draw a hexagon ends in a oval shape.

Another attempt

Here are the second tiny architects.  Found these busy weaver ants during our nature walk  Look at their nests. How beautifully they connected the leaves using saliva and built their houses.

Bayaa weavers are common in our farm land.

  But, I have been looking for a weaver bird’s nest. When I visited my professor at Nit, Trichy, his daughter showed me this weaver’s nest in their backyard. My professor’s wife is maintaining a great backyard and I am lucky to see this weaver’s nest there.  I clicked this for my little one.

We found these big caterpillars in our backyard.  There are so many.  We are waiting to see the pupae.

Found this guava seed in our nature walk.  Look. Isn't it look like a brain?  Taken it for our nature box.

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