Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Our First Geography Lesson - Continents in a Tray

We planned to start our Geography lessons in a Montessori sensible way and I created this continents tray as a first step.  To show my little one what are continents, I filled a tray with blue water to represent the oceans and made 7 sand spots to represent the continents.

Then we placed the map of  each continent.  
We also sang the continentsong.

My little one and her friend tried to put the continents map in the correct places. Though they could not do it perfectly, they enjoyed it.  They identified Asia by spotting India, identified Australia and Antarctica by the unique shapes.  My little one identified Africa by spotting Madagascar -‘This is ‘penguins of Madagascar’(Her favorite cartoon serial.)  See Africa and Madagascar looks like India and Srilanka’

Then, they started making hurricanes and started their sensory play.