Friday, 27 June 2014

Our Vertebrate - Invertebrate Unit

Our study on invertebrates starts when I hit a cockroach.  I called my little one, showed her  and told that it does not have a backbone and it’s an invertebrate.

But my little one felt sorry for the cockroach and asked me why I hit it.
“It would be paining” she added.
“No, it won’t. It lacks a nervous system and invertebrates cannot feel the pain.”

I had a lizard skeleton which I preserved a long ago for our vertebrate unit.  I also had a fish skeleton. I brought it and we had a closer look using our magnifier.

I set our vertebrate tray with a paper human skeleton, a plastic Dinosaur skeleton and the skeletons of fish and lizard.

Watch this wonderful video by Arvind Gupta to make a simple paper skeleton.

For a sorting practice, I gave her a handful of toys from our miniature unit.  She went inside, took the entire miniature unit and started sorting it.

But,  soon she started playing with her whale and shark.