Sunday, 15 June 2014

A Diorama of Sources of Water

It’s been my little one’s long time wish to visit a waterfall.  Her wish fulfilled recently. We visited 'kutralam' one of the famous waterfalls in Tamilnadu, India .  Though it’s not the season time and there was only a little water, she had a very nice time there. She even had a bath in the water falls. She and her dad stood under the cold herbal water for a long.  When she returned from the waterfalls, she was really icy cold. 

We used to visit the beaches, lakes, river and pond now and then.  So, I thought of making  a diorama of sources of water with my little one(Similar to land form models).

 I set the model of waterfall, river, pond, lake, well and tube wells in a cardboard box. I used agar agar strips for the waterfalls and small plastic boxes for pond and Lake. We also added few toys to represent the life in pond, lake and the riverside.

It really helped her to understand the source and destination of a river (Destination -Ocean is not included in the diorama as we thought of doing a separate study).

 We also visited our farmland to see the bore well.

We also watched this video

See our experiment on water cycle and sensory play on pond life