Friday, 4 July 2014

Introducing Money Value to Kids - A Shopping Game

On my little one’s 4th birthday, my dad opened a savings account for her and gave her a piggy bank.  From that day on wards, whenever we gave her money for the piggy bank,   I used to show her the value of the currency before putting it. So, she can recognize most of the coins and how much it worth. I hope this would help her to understand the importance of saving money.

As an extension of our activity on money value, we played a ‘shopping game’   today. I displayed some stationary items and toys along with their prices written in a piece of paper.  I gave her some currency.  She visited ‘my shop’ and purchased few items.  I really loved the way she asked the prices, check the coin values and purchased the items.

We used the kids currency(fake) that i purchased from a local store.  It looks exactly the same as that of Indian rupees except a cartoon image printed in it.