Sunday, 15 December 2013

Five Senses : Sense of Touch

As a part of our five senses activities, we did some similar activities on ‘Sense of Touch’ yesterday. 

Touch and say

                I placed few stuff before her and asked her to touch and feel the difference. She had to put the identical but opposite stuff in the paper tray after identifying it.
Stuff on the tray: Oyster and a clam, pompom and a rubber ball, wet and dry papers, hot water and a small ice cube.

Feely or mystery Bag:

                Feely or mystery bag is a great sensory activity to develop the kids’ sense of touch.  I took a basket and put some objects (Well known to my little one, that’s important) in the basket.  I blind folded her and asked her to take the object what I said.  She had to touch and find the object and took it outside.  To test her, I put a marble, rubber ball and plastic ball of almost same size and asked her to take it one by one.  She found it correctly.

 She loved this activity and asked me to do it in the evening also.  As a slight modification, after blindfolding her I gave her few objects of similar shape and size like bangle – cell tape, ball –lemon, pencil-sketch, eraser-sharpener --- and asked her to identify what it is.
                When I gave her the lemon, first she said that it was a ball. Then she pressed it, smelled it (sense of smell) and said, “No. It’s a lime or lemon.” (Activity for sense of sight).

This is really a great activity for young children to concentrate and play.