Friday, 13 December 2013

Five Senses : Sense of Sight

‘Five Senses’ is a great theme for preschoolers. Children learn about the world around them through the 5 senses. We started doing our ‘5 senses’ activities from yesterday.

The first theme is “Sense of sight”. A research article says any person any time actually uses all five senses in an interaction and the dominant Sense Organ is the Eye constituting 83% of the interaction.  I first started with naming the parts of eyes - eye balls, eye lashes, eye lids, eye brows, pupil and Iris. Then, we did lots of activities on sense of sight.

Look and Say

I gave my little one a set of objects and she had to look and tell whether it was tall/short, long/short, fat/thin, clean/dirty, shiny/dull, big/small, full/empty,inside/outside ….  I think, this would also help her to learn the ‘opposites’


Look and find the odd one

Then, I gave her a handmade worksheet to look and find the odd one. 

Look through a magnifier

Magnifier is her favorite tool.  I gave her the magnifier to see how different the objects (such as sand, stone, grass and small pictures in the book) are when we see with or without magnifying glass.

Look through a 3D glass

Fortunately, I had a 3D glass which came with the Tamil Weekly- ‘Anandha vikatan – 3D Special’.  My little one loved it.  She saw 3D wall papers in internet and asked me to open many 3D animal images.

A flower Rainbow

Activities on sense of sight will not complete without some colorful activities.  We collected some flowers from our backyard and made a rainbow.  Collecting flowers in rainbow colors itself is a fun activity and it is also good for color recognition.