Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Five Senses: Sense of hearing

Here are our Sense of Hearing activities.

What is inside the ball?

I took three plastic balls which can be opened and i put some materials inside.  Janani has to shake the ball and identify what is inside.

I used Rice, coins and chickpeas in each ball.

Matchbox string Telephone:

This is the activity I have been waiting for a long.  My husband made a matchbox string telephone and we tested it. The string should be as tight as possible while talking and It worked out very well. We can even use water cups instead of matchboxes.

When we talk into the matchbox, the sound travel through the string as vibrations and reach the other end.

Talk through a PVC pipe:

I gave a long PVC pipe and asked my little one and a neighbor boy to talk through it.  They made different sounds and enjoyed a lot. Then I poured a cup of water and asked them to talk through it. 

As sound can travel better in water, if we wet the string used in matchbox string telephone, it works very well.