Friday, 1 November 2013

Handmade Toys and Story Telling

Who don't love stories? My fairy ‘J’ loves storybooks like anything. 'Little Red Riding Hood' is one of her favourite stories. I don't know how many times we read it before. 

So, this time to make it little more interesting, I prepared some toys using toothpaste tubes, and it came out very well.  (In our place, we don’t get peg dolls. So, I replace the peg wooden doll by half cut tooth paste tube.) Then I dressed the tubes to make various characters like little red, wood cutter and Red’s grandma. Then, our story telling session begins with those handmade toys.

Introducing the Woodcutter and his axe.

Now, my fairy ‘J’ is interrupting, “Little red’s mother is missing.” What to do? We are running short of toothpaste tubes. So, our story continues without little red’s mother.

They lived happily ever after. 
We really enjoyed both the toy making process and story telling. 
Fairy 'J': "Amma, Shall we play 'Cindrella' next?"
Me: " Time for homework. Shall we have it on another day?"