Saturday, 23 November 2013

Love you Ma

I don’t know, what drives me to post this. But, definitely I want to do it.

Today, when we are doing an activity, suddenly my little one kissed me and said, “Love you Ma.”  I was very happy . A little guilty too. I never said these words to my wonderful mom.

In many countries, parents are teaching their children to say, “Love you mom, Love you Dad.”   In our place, we don’t have such habit. My mom raised me and my brother to this level. She lives each and every second for our welfare. Even now, she comes to our house at 3.30pm by bus (My parents are living 8 Kms away from my place), tidy up my house, takes care of my girl ……and will go home in the evening. Whether it is a hot summer day or a  rainy day, she never fails to do it.

Today, my little one reminded me all these facts, taught me how happy a mother would be when she heard such a nice words.

Definitely, my mom won’t read this.  But, I want to say, “Love you Ma.”