Saturday, 9 November 2013


I love terrariums and an article about a 50 years old terrarium drives me to try a closed terrarium. I think they are the best to teach kids about earth eco system. Our First Terrarium shown below is almost 9 months old. I watered the plant, the first day I planted it (First week of February 2013) and it is still growing without the need for watering.

This is our second one. I kept the bottle in a corner of a window. Hence, the plant leans towards light (Photo-tropism).  Terrarium is the best to teach about parts of a plant, transpiration and Photosynthesis process.
It is very easy to make a terrarium of your own with the following simple things,
A glass container
A small plant
Active charcoal
Handful of small pebbles
Active moss (optional)
Wash the glass container using mild soap and hot water and dry it.  Put the pebbles (Used for draining the excess water) then the charcoal (which keeps the soil fresh) then the soil.  Carefully place the plant. Just spray a little water and close the bottle. Keep the terrarium in indirect sunlight. Water the plant only if the soil is dried.