Monday, 2 November 2015

Our unit study on States of Matter

 In our science unit, we are learning about states of matter this month.  First, we learnt about how matters are classified as solid, liquid and gas.  After a small explanation, examples and this video I asked my little one to help me to make a states of matter tray. My little one collected objects as samples for the three states.  While collecting the samples, she was repeatedly complaining that most of the matters were in solid states and liquid states and she hardly found matters in gaseous states.  She brought the shampoo bottle, hair oil and her body lotion for liquid states. She asked me to pour some milk and cooking oil to keep it in the tray.

 First, I asked her to blow a balloon to keep under the heading ‘gas’. Then, we decided to keep a ‘bubble’.

Next, we demonstrated how the matters change their states according to temperature. I kept some coconut oil and water in the freezer to show how the matters freeze at low temperatures. Then, we took the frozen ice and coconut oil, chocolate and some wax and put it in the gas top to show how they melt when the temperature increases. We also boiled a little water to show the evaporation.

Our third demonstration is the ‘rain in the jar’ what we already did during our weather unit study.  It’s a cool experiment that incorporates all the three states.

But, still I haven’t yet introduced the word ‘molecules’  and l thought of explaining it in phase II.