Sunday, 12 July 2015

Teaching Ordinal Numbers

Lost week we did activities on ordinal numbers. I didn’t need much time to teach what ordinal numbers are. It took only a minute.  But, we did lot of activities (actually I tried to integrate the concept in our day to day activities) which my little one enjoyed a lot.

In our usual play time in the terrace, my child was playing with the cloth clips. I asked her to tell the color of the 4th  clip, to interchange the 2nd and 4th clip and also asked her to find the 7th  clip from left and the 2nd clip from the right.

I also applied the same technique, when my child was busy seeing our family album.  She enjoyed finding people when I was telling 2nd from left, 4th from right and so on.

When she was playing with her friend, I gave them 10 chances each and they started counting it as first chance, 2nd chance and so on.

Then, we collected few objects and I asked her to put the objects in the cup as per the instructions.  She read the instruction on her own and finished the task.