Sunday, 21 June 2015

Our Curriculum and Plan for the Year 2015-16

Hi. I am back after a really lo……ng summer break.   My little one is 5 ½ years now and just entered in to primary class 1. During the summer break (of course at the end of the break), I searched and did lots of research on selecting a curriculum for grade 1 to follow this year 2015-16.  It’s obviously a tough job to choose a particular curriculum.  There are no fellow homeschoolers nearby to talk with.  So, I decided to create my own curriculum. I referred the Primary curriculum of various countries like international schools of Paris, Singapore, Bahamas and our CBSE and ICSE. Finally created our curriculum for Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. The Curriculum for language teaching (both English and Tamil) are yet to be created.

I am a poor planner.  Most of the time, we will be deviating from the plan .  My child may not be interested in the topic at that time or the time/situation may not permit the particular activity or my child may ask a question about what she finds something interesting in which we will continue with. 
So, instead of a year planner or a week planner I thought of making a topic/theme planner. I have decided to create lesson plans. I wanted to plan the way I am going to teaching the particular topic-whether it is by telling a story, making a model or giving a demonstration or via showing a video or through reading a book.  I also want to plan the list of requirements, things to be collected, to be made or to be bought.

If you are interested in viewing my curriculum and plan, you can download the pdf of the same here.

So, my dear fellow homeschoolers please go through my curriculum and tell me your suggestions.  What is your curriculum and plan? I am dying to read it.  Please give the link. Thanks in advance.