Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Our Weather Unit

My little one has become a weather reporter now days with reports like “It’s going to be a hot sunny day today.” Or “It’s only partly cloudy. There won’t be any rain today.” 

So, I thought of making a weather wheel with the symbols for sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy, partly cloudy and snowy (Though there is no possibility for snow here).

My little one loves to change the dial every morning according to the weather outside.  I also included a rotating bar with a clip to indicate the temperature outside.

Since, there is no enough rain this year, I thought of making a rain in a bottle.  I did this experiment to teach my little one how it rains.  I poured the hot steaming water in a jar. The blue hot water represents the sea.  Steam filled in the jar represents the clouds.  I placed a plate with ice cubes on the bottle. Water runs down in sides of the bottle represent the rain. 

A cool experiment to teach the water cycle also.