Monday, 24 March 2014

Where is Jerry Now? A Math Fun

My little one was introduced to simple addition and subtraction a long ago using colored pastas.

 I also used these beads for single digit addition and subtraction.  I took some sticks and pasted the equations.  My little one has to add or remove the beads according to the equation.

For big numbers like 9+8=? , counting and putting many beads would be boring. In our childhood, we were taught to do our addition like 9 in the mind, 10, 11…. and would say the answer 17. In the same way, I used this ‘Where is Jerry now’ method for my little one.  I drew 20 circles in a paper and write numbers in it. Then I took my little one’s favorite tiny ‘Jerry’.

For addition like 9+3=?  Place Jerry  in ‘9’ and move forward by ‘3’ positions, 1(10),2(11),3(12).  “Where is Jerry now?   12.”

Similarly for subtraction like 9-3=? Place Jerry in ‘9’ and move backward by 3 positions,  1(8), 2(7), 3(6).  “Where is Jerry now?   6.”

I am happy that my little Ramanujan loved this.