Sunday, 5 January 2014

Nature Study II: Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Scavenger hunt is one of the great activities for kids to  keep them busy.  A scavenger hunt can be made with many themes like alphabets, colors, shapes, backyard, outdoor or seasonal like winter, autumn, summer or Rainy.  Our today’s scavenger hunt theme is nature.

 A scavenger hunt list may be a list of clues, names of the object or pictures. As my little one is only 4 years and not yet started reading, I drew a set of pictures for her hunting. (We can even prepare it using clip art and  take a printout.) Here is the list of items which were drawn (This is only for the readers.  For my surprise my baby understood most of those items except the shell and the nut (pei) of a coconut)

                 1. A cosmos, a black seed, a croton’s leaf, two identical stones
                 2.  Leaf, Leaf, bud of a grass, ant
                                  3. Y’ shaped stick, flower, red leaf, root
                 4.  Black pebble, shell, nut of a coconut, tall grass
                 5.  Leaf, a plant with red stem and green leaf, small pink flowers. .

Some of her questions before going for hunting,
I Row:“Ma, why you drew two stones?”
III Row:“Is this a stick? Can I have to take a stick of this same shape?”
IV Row:“Is this a  pebble or some seed?”

Scavenger hunts keeps the child busy and help to improve her recognition of various objects, shapes and colors.