Thursday, 9 January 2014

Less Messy Painting activities

Painting is the messy play what children love.  Whenever my child takes the paint and brush, I told her at least thrice not to paint anything on the wall. The children’s tendency to paint on the wall is irresistible.   So, I am always searching for some alternative painting methods which could also help improving the eye hand coordination. Here are those less messy, easy to clean painting activities for kids(For mom's too)

Marble painting:

Marble painting is one of the easy craft what any child can do and its best to keep child inside the home during winter or rainy days.  Just take a tray, put a paper that fit in to it.  Put few drops of water color (colors of your choice) and then marbles.  Tilt the tray to move the marbles here and there in the tray.  The final outcome will surely be unique and a master piece.

Finally, the masterpiece ...

Salt painting:

Salt painting is another great way of learning color mixing. In a white paper draw a picture ,trace it using glue and apply table salt over it.  Now, using ink filler or eye dropper, gently drop the water colors.  The color spreads, mixes with the adjacent colors and creates new colors with excellent textures. 

Magnetic Painting:

Children love to play with magnets for sure. Hence, magnetic painting will be the double treat for them.  Put few drops of various colors on a thick sheet and place the paper clips or safety pins in the tray. By moving the magnet under the sheet, move the safety pin in all the directions of the sheet.  It’s really fun to watch the safety pin jump and roll over when the magnet is moved.