Sunday, 4 June 2017

Rowing our Favourite Story: The Milk Moustache

It has been years since we did any Five in a row activity. you have to do activities on literature, art, math, science and social studies one per day.  This is called rowing a story. Recently, we read ‘The Milk Moustache’ and it has become one of the favorite books of my little one. It’s a very simple story by Chef.Vikas khanna.  Children of a village refuse to drink milk, and it upsets a cow named Kali.  Jassi, the local milk man’s daughter, and Kali’s best friend found a way to end this strike and made Kali happy again.



 We buy milk from the milk man who comes around 7AM.  I asked my little one to watch his measuring cups, and how he measures with the three cups 500ml, 200ml and 100ml.  Then, we had a puzzle session like,

                  How will he measure 300ml?
            How will he measure 700ml?
                    How about 1l?
                2 cups of 500ml
4                 Let us assume that he has only two cups- the  500ml cup and the 200ml cup, how will he  measure 300ml?
                200ml+ ½ of it (I was expecting the grownup’s answer like 500ml – 200ml. :D)
She likes these puzzles very much and started asking her dad similar questions.

Language Work

 The author introduces the characters as Kali the cow, Rang the butterfly and Sur the nightingale, and it helped us to learn about common nouns and proper nouns.  My little one learnt that the proper nouns should be capitalized, and the common nouns are generally preceded by the article or article+adjective. We arranged this using the story characters and few cartoon characters.


My little one drew this cow.


My little one loves paneer.  So, we made some paneer (richotta cheese), and I told her the science behind the curdling process. She learnt that the protein in milk called casein curdles when the lemon juice is added in the hot boiling milk.

Social Studies

I told her about Mr. Verghese Kurien the father of the white revolution (1970) in India.

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