Sunday, 2 April 2017

String Art for Kids

It is summer and kids need some indoor activities over the holidays.  We made a few string arts this weekend. We can create a lot of geometric designs with string art.  These are also best for skip counting and number patterns. These are great fine motor activities for hand eye coordination and to practice sewing/embroidery.

We started with a very simple spirelli design and continued with little more complex designs. I created these templates for my future use and you can download it here.


1. Grab the materials needed: Card stock, Yarn, big thick needle, pair of scissors and template.

2. Printout the template and place it on the card stock. Using the thick needle punch holes on the dots and number the dots as given in the template.

3. Now start threading through the holes as per the instruction.

4. Enjoy the beautiful designs which can be used to make greeting cards, wall decors, etc.