Monday, 24 February 2014

Basic Shapes

My little one was introduced to shapes a long before and to extend that knowledge, we also had some shapes themed activities last week.  

To teach about straight line and curved line, I started making the basic shapes using straws. After completing the first shape – triangle, my little one asked, “Ma, How can we make circle and oval shape using this? We cannot bend this.”    How sweet! That’s what I want!

Then we cut the straws into very small pieces and made the circle.

I read in an article that sewing can be introduced even at the age of four.  So, this is the right time to introduce some simple hand sewing patterns.  Before that, I wanted to introduce her what is sewing.  Here are our hand sewn shapes.  Number of sides on one side and corners/vertices another side.

We also made some shapes collage. We cut geometric shapes and glue them to make different images.